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President's Report



As we heading toward the end of the calendar with our 5th meeting of the year, we embrace Winter with a trove of meeting topics.

I wish to thank Dan Allan accompanied by Kelly Ruane from PayChex for presenting at our 4th meeting of the new year. Tina Frysinger & Tammie Downie gave us insights from the Year End Seminar and the Texas Payroll Conference and presented to the Chapter as well.

Dan covered material concerning Federal Tax Credit Programs AND Restaurant Payrolls. Dan and Kelly have been a wonderful resource with our Chapter for the last two years and we look forward to their insightful presentations. Dan's presentations may be found with the other items from the meeting on our website. Members may access these items at any time.

Tina recapped the highlights and interesting points from the 2018 Year End Seminar presented by the American Payroll Association.

Tammie shed some light on the insights and value of attending the Texas Payroll Conference. It feels like attending a National Congress event without the extra costs. 

The slideshow from their presentations have been uploaded to our website. Anyone wishing to listen to our Chapter meeting along with the slide show check out our video portfolio. The video link is available under our Resources page. 

Renew today and enjoy all the benefits of your local Chapter. Annual dues are $50 per person. We are happy to offer our Black Friday special after the November meeting and offer a $10 discount if membership is renewed by December 31st. A rock bottom rate for everyone! All 2018 memberships will lose access to our website at the end of March. 

1st Annual: Pittsburgh Payroll Conference

The Board is happy to announce the 1st Annual: Pittsburgh Payroll Conference. We will be converting our November meeting to an all-day conference. A great opportunity to earn 6 RCHs at a low cost, attend a plethora of educational classes and talk to a variety of vendors as well.

The date for this event will be Friday, November 8th, 2019. We will hold this conference at the Crowne Plaza in Green Tree.

We have secured our feature presenter, Ronii Rizzo, from BDO. More details will be available at the March 2019 meeting.

This event will serve as a launch pad to our hosting of the 2020 PA Statewide. 


2020 PA Statewide Conference

The Board has begun to discuss the 2020 PA Statewide Conference.

Initial plans is to hold this event at the Crowne Plaza in Green Tree. 

The dates for this event will be Thursday & Friday, November 5-6, 2020. 

We believe that the 2 day conference is a worthy event to attend to gain all the aspects of what our Chapter stands for concerning payroll professionals.

We are looking to earn top honors for the Best Statewide Conference in the APA that year. But we can't do it without YOU! 

Please reach out to a Board member next year and sign up to make this event TOP NOTCH!


We are looking for speakers in 2019. Topics such e-Verify, Payroll Accounting, Non-Resident Alien processing and How to Change Payroll Dates are examples. Any of these topics or something else where a subject matter expert is willing to present will be welcomed.

If you or one of your vendors have the ability to present to our group please contact Tina to schedule your presentation.

The easily accepted topics are listed on this website, Please review the list and contact me to schedule your speaking opportunity.

Our membership group should be able to supply and support a diverse group of educational opportunities for our Chapter. 

Please contact Tina Frysinger, the Chapter's Education Director, for further information.


Our satellite broadcasting has become a great success as other Chapters are now exploring to add this feature to their Chapters as well. We have secured a viable location in Indiana, PA with a quality program being broadcasted on a consistent basis.

We are looking to expand in 2019. We are the only local payroll Chapter on the western side of the Appalachian Mountains. That means we are the only resource for over 75% of Pennsylvania and 99% of West Virginia as well as good portions of Kentucky and Virginia. Since our Chapters offers a consistent program of at least 15 RCHs annually, our Chapter is prime to expand our outreach to these underserved areas. Other locations could develop as hosts become available. This process will be managed based on a demographic area/zone to ensure our limited bandwidth and resources are managed wisely. Some desired locations include:

  • Mercer (Crawford, Erie & Mercer counties plus Youngstown, OH area)
  • Warren (Forest, Venango & Warren counties)
  • Somerset (Bedford & Somerset counties)
  • Uniontown (Fayette & Greene counties)
  • Morgantown, WV (Marion, Monogalia, Preston & Taylor counties)
  • Charleston, WV (serving a very large area)
  • Huntington, WV (serving a large area)
  • Youngstown, OH
  • Saint Clairsville, OH


Our goal is to create learning opportunities for more payroll professionals while making it more convenient on everyone's travel concerns. To ensure we stay compliant with any APA concerns, we will treat each satellite location just as the Pittsburgh site. Attendees would need to meet in a central location, sign in and attend the meeting, upon completion of the meeting receive their RCHs for their time and attendance. All of this at a reduced cost versus the rate at the Pittsburgh location since we will not be providing lunch at the satellite locations.



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Community Service

Remember our soldiers & the local food banks.

The food banks need filled EVERY week to sustain their outreach programs. Your donations helps in their efforts.





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APA Training Opportunities

The American Payroll Association & local chapters offers many wonderful opportunites to learn, grow and network.



The American Payroll Association & local chapters offers many wonderful opportunites to learn, grow and network.


Mar 13, 2019 Western PA Chapter - meeting Green Tree, PA
May 8, 2019 Western PA Chapter - meeting Green Tree, PA
July 17, 2019 Western PA Chapter - meeting Green Tree, PA
Sept 11, 2019 Western PA Chapter - meeting Green Tree, PA
Nov 8, 2019 Western PA Chapter - 1st Annual: Pittsburgh Payroll Conference Green Tree, PA
July 10-Sept 11 (every Wed) CPP/FPC study group TBD
Apr 10, 2019 Payroll Issues for Multi-State Employers Philadelphia, PA
Apr 10, 2019 Local Income Tax Compliance Philadelphia, PA
June 18, 2019 Payroll Tax Forum Chicago, IL
July 8-9, 2019 Intermediate Payroll Concepts Chicago, IL
July 10-12, 2019 Strategic Leadership Certificate Nashville, TN
July 15-17, 2019 Global Payroll Mgmt Certification Atlanta, GA
Aug 12, 2019 Garnishment Forum Cleveland, OH
Sept, 2019 Pennsylvania Statewide Conference TBD
Sept 23, 2019 Payroll Practice Essentials Washington D.C.
Nov, 2019 Preparing for Year End & 2020 Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 25-26, 2019 Capital Summit Washington D.C.
May 14-18, 2019 APA Congress Long Beach, CA
Oct 27-30, 2019 Educational Institutions Payroll Conference Orlando, FL


Some national events have various locations available to attend. Please review the seminar in question on the APA website for location venues available.

Click here for more information:



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