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Chapter Meeting

July 11, 2018
12:00 PM to 4:30 PM
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Crowne Plaza - Green Tree (Foster Plaza)
401 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Meetings begin at 12 noon with lunch followed by meeting beginning at 1 pm. Meeting concluded by 4:30 pm.


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3.00 RCH certification credits have been approved with the APA.


Paycards: Generational Trends Shaping the Future of Worker Pay

(1.00 RCH)

As the landscape of buying and selling changes with the introduction of new technologies and systems, the way people view the exchange of money for workforce compensation is also changing rapidly. As younger workers enter the workforce they are bringing their digitally native ways with them, including their new financial needs and behaviors. Millennials and Generation Z workers (who are now up to age 21) are tremendously influential segments of the workforce-growing in knowledge, confidence, and independence every day. Understanding the needs of these two huge generations of workers is critical to organizations attracting and retaining these large, diverse, new workforces who combined are the largest segment of workers in the U.S.

This national study reveals hidden habits, perceptions, and preferences of American workers when it comes to money and pay. Understanding the perceptions and attitudes of the youngest members of the workforce is vital to a company wanting to remain at the forefront of worker trends. Knowing the needs of this generation, including those related to pay, is vital to an organization being successful in recruiting and retaining top talent.


George Mavrantzas

George Christos Mavrantzas is the Vice President of Special Projects at Global Cash Card and has been in the paycard industry for over 13 years. He is directly involved in managing strategic channel partnerships, often speaking for local conferences and statewide events. He has been involved in the National Speaker's Bureau for the American Payroll Association and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of North Florida.



The State of Sensitive Information and How to Keep your Employees Protected

(1.00 RCH)

In today's electronic environment, there are security risks everywhere. We'll discuss the most common data breaches and thoughts on how to consciously protect your environment. We'll also review the undesired data breach and what to do after it occurs, including the next steps to alert your employees and communicate what they can do to protect themselves.


Eric Wright, CPA, CITP

Eric Wright is a Shareholder with Schneider downs and holds both the CPA and CITP designations. He has been involved with Information Technology at Schneider Downs since 1983. He specializes in and oversees the design, setup, installation and implementation of automated accounting, distribution and manufacturing systems. He assists a number of clients with their compliance requirements, including PCI-DSS, SOX, ISO 27001 and NIST security audits. Eric graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Math and Computer Science from Waynesburg College.



Emotional Intelligence

(1.00 RCH)

Motivated business professionals are looking for every edge to be successful in the workplace. Naturally, many develop expertise in technical or task-oriented skills in order to enhance their careers. However, those who have a high level of awareness and control over their emotions, and use their emotions to connect with others and develop positive relationships, will find even greater success in the workplace. This soft skill is known as emotional intelligence, and it is an essential element in the business world, especially in high-stress environments. If you are unable to control your emotions, they can preoccupy your thoughts and interfere with your ability to evaluate a situation objectively. On the contrary, knowing what triggers your emotional responses and understanding how to exercise self-control over them enables you to confront difficult issues and manage change with clarity and composure. This 60-minute program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to develop your emotional intelligence. You'll learn how to avoid self-sabotaging outcomes by altering how you perceive and respond to emotionally charged situations. In addition, you'll improve your ability to resolve conflict constructively, create a productive work environment, build and mend relationships, and bounce back from setbacks and disappointment.


Tina Frysinger, CPP

Tina is a Technology Manager with Schneider Downs, a regional accounting firm headquartered in Pittsburgh. For the past seven years, she has specialized in HR and Payroll integrated solutions, managing HRIS implementations. During this time, Tina has worked with businesses of various sizes and in a variety of industries. Prior to working with Schneider Downs, Tina worked as a Controller with an Energy Savings Contractor, responsible for Financial Reporting and Payroll Management. Tina received her Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Robert Morris University and her M.B.A. from Duquesne University.



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