About Us

The Western PA Chapter is an organization made up of Payroll Professionals throughout the City of Pittsburgh and the tri-state area. Our group demographics range from the new payroll individual to the veterans of our profession. Our group is dynamic and energetic and all have driving personalities that make our organization special and recognized locally, statewide and nationally, year after year. Our founding members saw the need to bring Payroll Professionals together and educate them in the payroll profession so that they would be the top of our profession and maintain the laws that the various government agencies make into law each and every day. While members come and go, our Chapter has a strong foundation of people, quest for continuing knowledge and recognition that goes beyond the bounds of just another professional organization. We offer many opportunities for payroll professionals to grow, share their knowledge and network with their fellow payroll professionals day after day.

Our Chapter invites you to attend one of our meetings, get to know our members through networking at one of meetings and expand your minds through the wealth of knowledge our members bring to our profession each and every day. You never know who you may meet, what future opportunities it may unveil and how it will enhance your worth as an individual in your community and most importantly, with your employer. After all, the Western PA Chapter is WHERE OUR MEMBERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!