Pennsylvania Payroll Statewide Conference - Charity

The Pennsylvania Statewide Payroll Conference committee believes that we should give back to our community. This year two (2) charities were chosen, as they serve the local community, are located within the same building and helped inspire the theme of our conference. .  

Details for each are below:

The first charity is the Indiana Free Library. (

Our Mission: To serve and strengthen our community by supporting literacy and lifelong learning

The Indiana Free Library offers many services to the public. Most people think of a library only as a place to check out books, but the Indiana Free Library has so much more to offer.

The second charity is the Jimmy Stewart Museum. (

The Jimmy Stewart Museum, located in Indiana, Pennsylvania (Jimmy’s hometown) highlights its namesake’s accomplishments in film, radio and TV. His roles as military hero, civic leader, family man and world citizen are also woven into displays, film presentations and gallery talks. There’s even aspecial room dedicated to his family’s long and colorful history in Western Pennsylvania. A daguerreotype of his great grand-dad in Civil War uniform, baby photos of Jimmy, and his dad’s old desk from the family hardware store are all on display.

You can view Stewart’s film clips and career retrospectives in an intimate, 1930’s vintage movie theatre. Plush with navy velvet drapes and wine colored seats, the theatre features the best of the old and new. The state-of-the-art sound and projection system was donated by Universal City Studios of Hollywood.

Jimmy Stewart afficionados have transformed the third floor of the Indiana Public Library into a museum that captures the quiet magic and small town charm that catapulted the star to enduring fame.

These wonderful organizations serve the local community in many ways and can use your support today to continue their missions. We are asking for suggested donations of $20 per person at the comedy show. This show will offer a couple of hours of entertainment while planting the seed of giving back to the local community. This exchange is truly priceless. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!